Saturday, September 26, 2015

Creationists vs Evolutionists

Each group is right and each group is wrong. God did create the Earth and the heavens (though not as succinctly as described in the Bible). Life is a long everlasting process of evolution (though not completely at random). The energy of God is everywhere and in all things; but, our free will is part of that manifestation.

Jewish, Christian and Muslim creationists are all Abrahamic religious fundamentalists. They put all of their faith in their scriptures without completely understanding their deeper meanings. They think their scriptures are absolute. Thus, they fail to put their complete trust and faith in God. They do not understand that God is "All in All". They do not understand that they themselves are a spark of life from God (that we all are) that must be nurtured.

For this, they can be forgiven. The infinite nature of God is awesome and frightens us mortals to the degree that we fail to emulate Jesus in order to find the Christ within each of us. Love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness are just some of God's qualities.

NOVA: Dawn of Humanity (01:53:00)