Friday, August 23, 2013

Social Jet Lag

Irregular sleep patterns associated with intense
weekday work may drive diabetes and obesity. And sleep deprivation
boosts the risk of hypertension, Alzheimer's, even cancer."

"Social jet lag" is experienced by those who sleep short on workdays,
then stay up later but sleep longer on weekends. If that is your
pattern, you are more likely to be depressed and obese....  if you don't
get enough or get it at the wrong times, you expose yourself to a wide
range of health consequences."

"Endocrinologists had begun
untangling the connection between sleep deprivation, diabetes, and
obesity more than a decade ago. This year her team discovered that sleep
deprivation impedes the metabolism of glucose, the sugar that powers
the body, in fat cells by a startling 30 percent. Lack of sleep affects
appetite, too: A 2012 Swedish brain-scan study identified
heightened activity in the right anterior cingulate cortex—a brain
region associated with hunger control—in the sleep-deprived. "

sleep combined with insomnia heightened the risk of hypertension... And
there are health penalties of varying when we sleep, regardless of the
total amount."

".... Also dysfunction of the pancreas, which
produces the insulin that regulates sugar in the blood. As a result, the
strain of extreme time shifting led to a form of hyperglycemia that
foreshadows diabetes."