Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pro-life Rally: Irony Never Looked So Good

I'm borrowing these pictures from Austin American Statesman "reader blogger" ken45's blog. August 31st is the last day their AAS online Reader Blogs will exist.
At any rate, what's 'poignantly ironic' is that the first photo is advertising for activities ("cause" aka sexual intercourse) that the second photo ("effect" aka unplanned pregnancy) supposedly resists. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words -- or in this case, a whole bleepin' dissertation that speaks volumes without me saying another word on this subject (for now anyway).

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Dear Perry, Is God Only A Theory?

In the Austin American Statesman (08-23-2011) was a good letter-to-the-editor that read:

Gov. Rick Perry says evolution is "a theory that's out there, and it's got some gaps in it. In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution."

Students, he says, are "smart enough" to decide for themselves.

The corollary to Perry's "theory of education" is: Here in Texas, we teach students about the atomic theory of matter. It's still known as a theory and it's got some gaps in it, so we also teach alchemy and astrology. Students are smart enough to decide for themselves.

Or perhaps, here in Texas we teach students about the germ theory of disease. Yes, it's still known as a theory and it's got some gaps in it, so we teach disease prevention and treatment using newt's eye and blood-letting.

If only we could apply Perry's wishful theory of education to meteorology, maybe we Texans could do some serious learning and make it rain.

Eleanor B. Newnan

[For myself, I'd like to add:
Is God only a theory? Because I have personal experiential data, I believe in God. I have reality based knowledge. Scientists have reality based data that is concrete and based on shared observations that are well documented.  They themselves use the term "theory" -- even when stating the obvious, because they're maintaining scientific integrity via the 'scientific method' that allow for further developments to occur as our knowledge expands towards the "INFINITE". [Example: Plate Tectonics is still called a scientific theory despite the very factual nature supporting this scientific belief. It shouldn't threaten anyone's belief in God. After all, if God created the Earth (all of creation), then "HE" put in motion every process that's a part of the whole. But, if I apply Perry's Christian coalition based thought process, then I'd be forced to say that "It's only a theory with gaps".]

So, yes, students must decide many things for themselves. But wasting time on debating 'flat Earth' superstitions as opposed to genuine scientific debate is voodoo politics catering to the lowest common denominator aka 'fear factor' -- which, unfortunately, has been and will always be with us as long as people fear evil more than they love good.

Perry: Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

'Politifact' had to correct presidential wannabe Perry's naysayer statement that scientists are questioning the idea that "man-made global warming" is what's causing climate change.

The truth is that even the scientists to whom Perry is generally referring to "do not claim that humans are making no contribution at all to rising temperatures. Rather, they tend to make more nuanced points. They question whether carbon emissions alone are driving up temperatures, or whether other human activities contribute as well. They question whether extreme weather events such as storms or floods can be conclusively linked to rising temperatures. And, they question whether significant changes to public policy are necessary as a means of coping with rising temperatures".

[I do note, however, a shift in the naysayers' attitude as of late as reflected in Perry's statement. It is that they now acknowledge that our global climate is changing. Good - because any one who gardens or raises crops is well aware of that fact. Even corporate agribiz interests that will fund the GOP's final choice of presidential nominees know that.]

For those who fail 5th grade level TAKS earth science questions, then there's the effect of not recognizing causes:
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For those who take the Bible too literally -- think about the extreme past climate change event:
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And for those who take King Perry's by-line too seriously:
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