Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maintaining Optimal Weight

Staying at an optimal weight range
requires more than counting calories and exercising properly. You need
to, also, tend to your gut flora. Though everyone's microbial ecosystem
is somewhat unique, if you encourage an internal ecosystem that is built
up by your eating sugar, corn fructose, processed foods (even in small
amounts) etcetera, then you will have a hard(er) time controlling you

My experience:
If I eliminate foods that are sugary
or too easy to digest, then I feel a deep seated hunger in my gut (not
my stomach mind you). This, despite the fact that I keep my belly full
with good nutritious solid low-glycemic foods. This low level feeling of
angst is the microbes that specialize in high-glycemic foods. After
their numbers are reduced, the feeling goes away. Furthermore, my weight
stays the same until their numbers
are reduced -- then, suddenly, pounds shed readily and keep shedding.
That is, unless I make the mistake of eating as much as just one Oreo.