Monday, August 27, 2018

Bits of Paternal Wisdom

One day in 1973, my dad commented, “Illegal Immigration will never stop until those already here put an end to it”. We were living along the border in the Rio Grande Valley at that time. Now, looking at the number of Hispanics who live along the border who voted for Trump, I’d say he was onto something. Also, on that same day, he indicated that the way pensions and such were being handled that one day we’d see serious cutbacks across the board. 

About the same time, my paternal grandfather remarked, “The way people are building bigger and bigger houses that are more than they need, their mortgages and interest will eat them alive. And, more than that, they’re starting to use these new dangled credit cards. People don’t have that kind of self control. They’ll get themselves into big trouble.” 

Today, I say that the Greenhouse Effect and the National Debt are two realities that we’re seemingly in denial about, and this is going to bring a day of reckoning for our children and grandchildren. Illegal immigration, pension reductions, housing market collapses and bankruptcies will be the least of our troubles. 
Note: Political correctness and alternate truths will be shown to be the delusional liabilities that they truly are.

Note: One additional thing that my father said that has a great truth behind it is that “people, as individuals, are generally reasonably likable. In groups, not so much.” 
Or, as George Carlin might say: