Friday, November 4, 2016

Europeans Find onaldDay Unstable

"The Russian government started heavily interfering in the U.S. election not so much to help D----- T---- but to hurt Hillary Clinton .... P---- is reportedly pleased — and European governments perplexed and terrified — that T---- continues to disregard the information he gets from U.S. intelligence on Moscow's hacking operation and defends P----...."

"By October, "buyer's remorse" had set in at the Kremlin, according to a report obtained by Western counterintelligence. Russia came to see T---- as too unpredictable and feared that, should he win, the they would not be able to rely on him or even anticipate his actions....."

"T----'s repeated glowing statements about P---- throughout the campaign—and his shocking comment that the Russians were not in Crimea—have perplexed some foreign officials, who fear that under a T---- presidency, the United States would no longer stand with Western Europe in regard to Moscow.

My Comment: All should remember the troubled relationship between authoritarians Hitler and Stalin. Each thought they were smarter than the other. Turned out that they were both wrong.