Monday, May 1, 2017

Climate Change and the Second Coming

We have now passed the Climate Change tipping point (think "methane hydrate"). Only drastic reductions in carbon emissions could 'soften the blow' of what has now become inevitable. And we all know that won't happen.

The Greenland ice sheet keeps melting while ocean currents and jet streams keep shifting. Polar regions and tundra manifest the most dramatic changes. But, "Joe Six Pack" seems oblivious to this. He knows only that the worst of what's to come won't hit until after he's long gone. Meanwhile, he'll keep using alcohol and other forms of pain killers to assuage the generalized fear that has already incapacitated him.

Of course, global warming could be slowed if a large enough nuclear holocaust were to greatly reduce our capacity to maintain current levels of carbonization. Famine and pestilence would play a role in this manifestation of the self-fulfilling prophecy of an apocalypse. The Second Coming of Christ would consist of His greeting departing souls 'en masse' on their way out.