Saturday, August 10, 2019

Carbon Dioxide’s “Goldilocks Zone”

Once upon a time, on this planet long long ago, a Great Oxygenation Event occurred and caused all life to slow as Cyanobacteria began to grow. Soon, all biospheric Carbon Dioxide nearly disappeared and so did all forms of life, too. But then, long term volcanic action saved the day and paved the way to restoring CO2 to much of its former glory.

Life gradually resumed and then it exploded, with all of Earth’s current biology seen in the former forms of our primordial ancestors. But then, on several occasions, CO2 became a monster instead of a savior whenever long term basaltic volcanic flows caused too much of it to be dumped into the biosphere so that great extinctions did follow. Afterwards, however, each time new forms of old life would gradually reappear and life did resume.

And so now, today, without the help of any heavy long term volcanic action, CO2 is again beginning to play a premiere role in the upcoming and ongoing extinction. Civilized life (in the form as we know it) is approaching a critical point of transition, and the fate of almost all  other life forms sharing our biosphere will be effected (with our demise being to their long term benefit).

Conclusion: Though the story of life on Earth shall continue on and on thru the annals of time and, as the current chapter is still being written, what we “do or don’t do” “in the now” will influence what happens thence, just as what occurred in the past manifests itself hence.