Saturday, August 17, 2019

Global Warming: As Rome Burned, Nero Fiddled

As the Arctic warms, the northern arboreal forests are drying and forest fires are increasing. It’s not just the trees and understory burning, but also the spongy mossy like ground cover that is like a thick blanket. This extra biomass going up in smoke increases the amount CO2 in the atmosphere. These forests will not easily return in a climate that’s not as suited to their needs. Also noted are peat moss bog fires. With this combined with terrestrial and oceanic permafrost melt releasing methane, there’s the fact that a darkening Arctic with decreasing ice and snow cover will increase the amount of sunlight absorbed and converted to heat. After all, global warming is all about the blanketing effect that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have on ‘infrared radiation’ (heat).

Note: As each year passes, we consistently hear in the news about new temperature records. Record numbers of fires are also being set as higher temperatures dry things out, especially in northern latitudes where temperature increases are the most dramatic as evidenced by further increased ice melt.

If you want a calm and ‘actual factual’ presentation of topics related to climate change and energy, I recommend the YouTube channel “Just Have A Think”.  
I’d start with the episode:
Arctic Sea Ice Loss: What’s the latest?
(17 minutes):

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