Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Psychic Does Not Equate As Spiritual

There are some people who have genuine spiritual experiences that allow them contact with the spiritual hierarchy. However, almost all other people who see and hear things and beings beyond the physical realm are experiencing the psychic astral realm. They can all too easily become enthralled and misled by their glamorization of what they’ve tapped into without recognizing the dangers:

“The psychic realm is only one level above the physical realm and in fact interpenetrated it to a large extent. Bearing this in mind we can more clearly understand why the psychic plane – or astral plane or astral light as it is also known in Theosophy – is spoken of as the unseen atmosphere surrounding the terrestrial and indelibly imprinted with every thought, word, emotion, imagination, experience, and action of humankind, past and present. In a very real sense it is a type of “collective unconscious.” Its contents, images, and inhabitants are derived solely from the physical plane.
Thus psychism is something earthly and material in nature, rather than something spiritual and divine. Entering into this vast realm, one immediately opens oneself up to deception, delusion, and confusion. Full of images, scenery, and beings which seem to be real and genuine, it easily leads astray....”