Sunday, August 12, 2018

Global Warming: It’s Already Too Late and Getting Later

Understanding the Carbon Cycle:

Since CO2 levels have now almost  doubled since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, we have seen dramatic temperature increases in the polar regions as evidenced by thermal readings and ice sheets melting. In the 1970s, in conjunction with the energy crisis, we had plenty of anecdotal evidence indicating the reality of global warming. But we ignored this opportunity to shift towards renewable energy sources. Ignoring this opportunity led to a challenge that we are steadily failing to meet.

Now, even if the global output of CO2 stopped immediately, the ice would still continue to melt because temperature levels and CO2 levels would decrease only very slowly over hundreds of years. Instead, we're increasing our rate of carbon dioxide release from coal and oil. And now that the permafrost is melting and exposing previously trapped plant material and that the methane hydrate degassification release rates in the ocean are increasing, we may easily eventually get to the tipping point where global warming will be a self-sustaining process.

Two remaining questions of consequence are "where in the world do you live" and "do you have children"?