Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We Create Our Own Reality

"The old saying: "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so," is an Absolute Truth."
"When you know that God's Energy comes forth into the individual absolutely Pure and Perfect, then you must realize that it is the individual who requalifies that energy and imposes his own impure quality upon it. This Pure God Energy is projected forth by the conscious effort of the individual, and he must impose some kind of a quality upon it, for that is his privilege as a Creator."
"Everyone is constantly qualifying this energy, which is pouring forth continually. Each one is continually pouring his color into it, through his own consciousness."
from page 32 of the I AM Discourses:
Thus, add the gossipy, mean spirited and superstitious thoughts of others to your own misconceptions and images and you have the formula for a personal travesty in the making. Coalesce enough like minded misbegotten souls together and you have a force for disaster.

Tibetan Yogis and the Chinese Invasion

Now that China is becoming more bellicose, we need to remind ourselves of the nature of what Communist policies can be like. The Japanese genocidal invasion propelled China towards communism. Then they perpetuated the same evil upon defenseless Tibet. Anyway, watch the documentary and be touched by the compassion of the Tibetans.

Yogis of Tibet (rare documentary)
1 hour 16 minute video
Be sure to watch segment at 38 min. marker (or at least the 45 mark).

Summary of what documentary is about:

About compassion: