Sunday, August 6, 2017

Love vs Fear & Freedom of Choice

Love is the attractor; 
Fear is the repeller.

Love brings us together; 
Fear tears us apart.

Love is about commonality;
Fear is all about differences.

Love is a motivator;
Fear is a debilitator.

Love accepts;
Fear rejects.

Without love there is no compassion, no peace, no real way to communicate with one another. When fear takes over, we all lose. Why? Because we quit trying. We cease even wanting resolution. 

Perhaps we need fear in order to appreciate love and all that love has to offer. The choice between love and fear, however, is ours to make. The choice is between good and evil. Evil is live spelled backwards. It shows you that you're going to and facing the wrong direction. The negative feedback that this generates should tell you to turn around and face the Light. May Light and Love restore the Plan on Earth! Amen!