Friday, July 27, 2018

Future of Global Warming Induced Climate Change

It doesn't take a genius to realize that it is highly unlikely that our world's greenhouse gas release rates will decrease sufficiently in time to do us much, if any, real good. Why? Because ever increasing human needs and desires currently require the use of carbon based fossil fuels --- and we have no adequate alternative energy sources.

And it would be naive to think that any of our other issues related to overpopulation will fare any better. Whether it's ocean acidification, hydrate gasification, soil depletion, environmental pollution, species extinctions or any one of a dozen other increasingly problematic global situations, the press of humanity is simply too massive to solve them in time to prevent tragic consequences at this very late date. 

Global economic philosophy is growth based. Chamber of Commerce thinking is NOT proactive. Greed and corruption at all levels makes it worse, not better. 

Note: It is not population growth (per se) that is driving greenhouse gas emissions, it is money.
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