Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Abortions Drop 13% In Texas

9200 fewer abortions occurred last year in Texas because of new abortion restrictions and clinic closures. Pro-lifers are celebrating this initial result. The number of unwanted children will increase as additional restrictions kick in. After having worked for the welfare department and as a public school teacher for a combined 32 years, I hope those doing the celebrating are prepared to increase the level of support for financial and social services that many of these children will desperately need. I especially hope that they are not blocking sex education and use of contraception for teens. The "just say no" approach is no more effective than the new law outlawing male masturbation (spilling seed) will be.
Read the Waco Tribune Herald:

Monday, July 7, 2014

K-T & Permian Extinction Events' Massive Lava Floods

The asteroid that has long been believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs hit the Yucatan peninsula
and formed the Chicxulub crater 65.5 mya. However, by this time, the dinosaurs were mostly long gone (as evidenced by the severe lack of dinosaur fossils around the world in the three meters below the sedimentary layer containing the "iridium" left by the asteroid strike).

About 300,000 years prior to this dramatic event, volcanic emissions and basalt flows on an enormous scale had already occurred on the subcontinent of India and formed the Deccan Traps. It is believed to have been caused by India drifting (15 million years prior to this, India had separated from Pangea and moved northward) over a "hotspot" (mantle plume) and/or a meteor strike hitting slightly off its western shore (Shiva crater) that shocked the Indian continental crust and opened up fissures. This had led to such increased CO2 and sulphur dioxide emissions that 75% or more of all plant and animal species on land and sea died off.

NOTE: About 250 mya, the Great Dying extinction at the end of the Permian Era was caused by excessive volcanic basaltic flows that formed the Siberian Traps (5 miles thick) that also caused phenomenally extensive coal fires. The CO2 of this global warming event raised atmospheric temperatures on land to as much as 140 degrees F. and also acidified the oceans. This volcanic activity is believed to have been triggered by multiple asteroid strikes on Pangea's to be Antarctica (Wilkes Land crater).
[The concentration of seismic waves from a meteorite impact at the antipode (opposite side of a sphere) on the earth would be the cause of many of the massive lava floods of the past when fissures were opened.]



P.S.- Sulphur dioxide is a toxic gas that causes acid rain. Both volcanic emissions and the burning of coal release it into the atmosphere, thus making the Great Dying especially toxic.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ancient Sunni-Shiite Conflict Continues

"Saudi Arabia and Iran are competing for influence over the entire Middle East and are willing to fuel civil wars in pursuit of their goals. Many Sunni-ruled nations have large, restive Shiite populations.... Sunni rulers fear that these populations could become radicalized by the Syrian conflict and stage uprisings of their own. "

Comment: Over twenty years ago, an older ex-Jewish fellow (who'd been born in Egypt during the Battle of El Alamein in 1942) that I knew quite well, told me that when the Middle East blew up that the trigger would be Syria. He didn't explain the particulars if why, but this has its roots in biblical historic times and very ancient events that keep repeating in this regional crossroads between three continents.

Comment: The Shiites are concentrated most heavily at the source of the Persian Empire (Iran) while the Sunnis mostly originate at the source of the original Babylonian Empire (Mesopotamia / present-day Iraq).
So, when you read about the Shia-Sunni schism after Muhammad died, keep this secular historical background in mind.

Shiite groups:
Lebanese militant group Hezbollah
Syrian president Assad's Alawites

Sunni groups:
Al Qaida
Taliban / Pushtans
Boko Haram
In fact, ISIL appears to be ifar outside of Sunni Islam. The kind of “Islam” espoused by the ISIS Takfiris is an extreme version of the Salafi-Wahhabi school of thought (think Egypt). These people reject the five major Islamic madhhabs (schools of thought) including the four Sunni ones. If you reject all four Sunni madhhabs, how can you call yourself Sunni?