Friday, January 18, 2019

China Is Changing

China is internally becoming more hostile and unfriendly to both foreign residents and companies. Lots of news is available about the business angle, but little is being said about the lives of individuals (especially foreigners who have lived there for many years). Rising nationalism and long term Chinese strategy is both covertly and overtly forcing these people out of China. 

When American companies first started moving to China, I remember thinking to myself that they’d be in danger of being nationalized. Now, it seems, that the strategy is much more brilliant in its simplicity than that — just gradually take away the benefits and desirability of doing business and living in China, and renew fewer visas.

Given the history of China and the suffering imposed upon them by foreign imperialism, this is not much a surprise. Our businesses got rich from the enticements and cheap labor offered them. Now, the enticements are being withdrawn and national wages are gradually increasing. The Chinese are coming of age, and they are going to flex their muscles.

For now, tourists to China and short term residency there will not feel the brunt of China’s changing attitude. But, that is changing, also. Use search parameter ‘why foreigners leaving China’ and on the internet and on YouTube.

On YouTube, be sure to additionally search for “Serpentza” (the original China vlogger for a balanced view).