Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Future World Government: Induced by Reactionary Forces

As conservative evangelicals proclaim their desire for an apocalypse to precede a Second Coming of Christ, they manifest un-Christlike behaviors. Inducing some of this is their fear of a secular world government, which they themselves are helping to precipitate.
An example is fomenting resistance to the expansion of renewable energy sources and reduction in consumption of fossil fuels, which is the best way away from global warming and increasing environmental pollution. The result will be that because of weak proactive measures in the past and present, global crises in the future (apocalyptic in nature) will induce strong reactive measures on a global level that will be reminiscent of a global government, and it won’t be very Christlike. 
Note: The way to have a Second Coming of Christ is to practice what He preached. This would lift the world up out of the swamp that we’re bogged down in to the point that our Enlightenment would draw forth the Light of God. Mankind, however, is generally making things unnecessarily darker than they need be. Hate is not the answer.