Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Global Warming: An Apocalyptic Contender

The 'point of origin' for all 3 major Abrahamic religions is in and around Jerusalem. They all share Old Testament writings; and, all three believe in an Apocalyptic "end of times". Their fundamentalistic animosity and the desire to hasten the "Day of Judgement" gives rise to manifestations of a "self fulfilling prophecy" that could end with a nuclear conflagration.

The signs that portend the Apocalypse are many and varied; but, the one constant is war and conquesr associated with hunger and plague. With the population increases in the Middle East being among the highest in the world and the fact that global warming effects will be most devastating in that region, it is inevitable that this region will experience tremendous unrest even without religious frictions. Syria is just the beginning.

The one government that could have led the way towards slowing down global warming was the United States. But, enough greedy big business interests in league with enough Christian fundamentalists have historically and expediently thwarted sensible measures towards growing away from fossil fuels. Chaotic thinking by 'Joe Sixpack' and the regimented beliefs of people under the sway of conservative evangelicalism have promoted reactionary politics that have prevented significant proactive measures. For example, the oil crisis of the '70s should have been our wake up call on many levels. But instead of properly funding the development of alternative energy sources, we continued to fuel an ever increasing trade imbalance by increasing our importation of oil. Money which further 'fueled' dissension in the Middle East (including al-Qaeda and Wahabism).

So, now we Americans distract ourselves with emotionally charged issues such as abortion, gun control, terrorism and such, while overpopulation (and the needs of these people) fuels a host of ills that stimulates the over consumption of resources, fossil fuels and products produced by burning fossil fuels. Result: release of greenhouse gases that will remain in play for hundreds and thousands of years that will change how we live.