Sunday, January 3, 2016

Spirituality 101: God Is Infinite

*We humans tend to think of God as being an All Mighty Father figure (king) on a throne dispensing Justice.  Though that's a useful personification, it's hardly worthy of an Infinite Being whom we are each a part of.  Indeed, visualizing God as a Being of any sort is still limiting, and therefore only a partial truth.  Instead, perhaps look inward and see that ray of Light that emanates from the center of your Heart when you feel the goodness of God / feel that love for God. And know that you are loved.

**The 3 Abrahamic religions call for a World Order to be imposed from above by God. However... "it is not up to the Creator to bring about the transformation of the world. It is up to us - through our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions we perform every day.  Every negative act distances us from true fulfillment, while every positive action moves us, both individually and collectively, closer to the transformation that is our true destiny. We have free will. the choice is ours"... no matter how difficult it may be to make the positive choice.

***Many religious fundamentalists, like children, think that they can induce God to manifest Himself in establishing a World Order by being naughty.  That, if we create enough chaos in His name (e.g., in Holy Land regional chaos in the Middle East), then He will step in and save us [well, at least some of us]. But, He cannot and will not do so, because we have individual free will. And if we collectively choose the negative, the we must own the consequences.

  For the fundamentalists, perhaps Sarah Palin said it best (before her Vice Presidential run) when she stood before her congregation and lauded her son for being part of the military effort in the Middle East that would trigger the Apocalypse and usher in the Second Coming of Christ.