Sunday, July 8, 2018

What Is, IS — WHAT Will Be?

As time marches onward, anxiety builds higher and higher across the nation and throughout the world. Despite denialistic thinking by some people, issues such as climate change and environmental migration will inevitably and steadily alter the face of our world, our country and the future of our children until a crescendo is reached. Within one generation length of time, international refugee problems will dwarf what we currently are experiencing as the marginal lands upon which many people now live will no longer be able to support their numbers. Syria and Western Sahara are current examples of sources of environmental refugees. Afghanistan has lots of refugees fleeing, but they are doing so solely because of war. Syria’s civil war was triggered by serious prolonged drought.

“How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming”
(15 minutes) - If you can’t watch the whole thing, at least watch the last bit that starts at 10:00 mark.

“Climate Change, Disasters and Refugees” (3 minutes) At least watch starting at 01:30 mark: