Monday, October 2, 2017

Global Climate Change: To The Degree...

....that we allow greenhouse gas emissions to continue, our progeny will suffer increasing levels of global warming induced climate change. This is the consequence of our interfering with the natural carbon cycle by artificially reintroducing into play large amounts of previously sequestered carbon. 

At first, the ocean was able to safely absorb most of it; but, ocean acidification has become problematic. And since the 1970s, frozen tundra is thawing and releasing increasing amounts of methane. And now, noticeable amounts of oceanic methane are beginning to be released (clathrate degasification).

These are the main factors that will continue to mount. Their interplay will determine the eventual outcomes, some of which are now unavoidable. For example, current levels of greenhouse gases already guarantee the inundation of all coastal regions in the world. When you see a picture of a beach, know that it will be gone before century's end. And that's just for starters. I won't go further than that here, because my point is that this is by choice.

'Freedom of choice' allows that we can choose to do what is necessary to influence our future. We can, also, choose not to. However, we cannot avoid the consequences of our actions and inactions. Choosing not to choose is still a choice. Unfortunately for us, indecisiveness is a character flaw (perhaps a fatal one).