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George Washington Gives God His Due

In George Washington’s First Inaugural Address, he makes reference to the invisible hand of God that helped form the then fledgling nation: 
“ would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official Act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the Universe, who presides in the Councils of Nations, and whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that his benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the People of the United States, a Government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes: and may enable every instrument employed in its administration to execute with success, the functions allotted to his charge. In tendering this homage to the Great Author of every public and private good I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own; nor those of my fellow-citizens at large, less than either. No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency. And in the important revolution just accomplished in the system of their United Government, the tranquil deliberations and voluntary consent of so many distinct communities, from which the event has resulted, cannot be compared with the means by which most Governments have been established, without some return of pious gratitude along with an humble anticipation of the future blessings which the past seem to presage...”

"By the all-powerful dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability and expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, altho' death was levelling my companions on every side."
George Washington July,1755

Artificially Induced Climate Change

“Artificially induced climate change” is just a fancy way of saying that mankind has released an untold volume of greenhouse gases into the biosphere by freeing vast amounts of carbon in the burning of fossil fuels, let loose nitrous oxide thru fertilizer production and use, and released refrigerants, etcetera that is indirectly causing the permafrost and oceanic clathrate to melt and release additional methane which results in further amplifying the greenhouse effect that this planet depends on to keep it from being a giant snowball but, because you can have too much of a good thing, we are now facing an eventual hothouse planet and, at the very least, possible civilization collapse that will far exceed in magnitude any that have come before.

Hope for Climate Change Reversal

If we keep doing what we’ve been doing without changing our way of thinking and ways of doing things that created the problem, then we will all together surely wind up where we’re headed. So, you’re either part of the problem OR you’re part of the solution(s).

80+ Approaches to the “Drawdown of Carbon Dioxide”
Note: Click on approaches listed in blue for articles associated with that particular topic.

Gasoline from carbon captured from air:


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Doable Drawdown Solutions: Taming Greenhouse Gases

The term ‘drawdown’  applies to taking out more greenhouse gases than we put into the atmosphere. It is our only hope of averting climate disaster. Here’s a list of common sense, practical approaches to help in doing so — if implemented now:

100 solutions to reverse global warming / Chad Frischmann-
(17 minute video):

Drawdown: Is It Possible To Reverse Global Warming (11 minutes):

Climate Change Humor:

Easy Explanation of the Greenhouse Effect:

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The Dampening Effect of Negative Emotions: Fear, Anger, Depression, Etcetera

Emotions are complex reactions that are psychological (what we think) and biological (what we feel). Our brain responds to our thoughts by releasing hormones and chemicals, which send us into a state of arousal. All emotions come about in this way, whether positive or negative.

There are a number of coping strategies to deal with negative emotions. These include:
* Don’t blow things out of proportion by going over them time and again in your mind.
* Try to be reasonable - accept that bad feelings are occasionally unavoidable and think of ways to make yourself feel better.
* Relax - use pleasant activities like reading, walking or talking to a friend.
* Learn - notice how grief, loss and anger make you feel and which events trigger those feelings so you can prepare in advance.
* Exercise - aerobic activity lowers your level of stress chemicals and allows you to cope better with negative emotions.
* Let go of the past - constantly going over negative events robs you of the present and makes you feel bad.

Comment: Of the above, I consider reducing and terminating the “revolving” (mulling over and over) to be essential. It’s like walking the same path in the fields of your mind and creating ruts that become your line of least resistance. You strengthen these synaptic pathways instead of forging new and improved ones. When the revolving begins, change your physical activity and shake loose from it. Eventually, simply remember to breath deep may be enough.

Pursuing spiritual matters may help you find acceptance of the Universe and your place in it. Self-acceptance is a good thing.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Two Invasive Mosquito Species

Aedes mosquitoes (2 kinds):
Aedes albopictus — Asian Tiger mosquito
Aedes aegyptai S. American Tiger mosquito 

Before these two Aedes species arrived, most of our mosquito bites came from a genus of mosquito known as Culex. These mosquitoes still make up the majority of the biomass of the biting portion of the mosquito population; but, because they’d rather bite birds than humans, they don’t bother us as much. Aedes mosquitoes, on the other hand, prefer humans and will even follow you into your car or home to get a meal.

Their coloring — black with white stripes on their legs and thorax — makes them harder to see than the amber-colored Culex. What’s more, Aedes prefer to bite people below the knee where they are less likely to be observed. The two types of mosquitoes also have different biting styles. Aedes females are skittish, and they will attack several times in a row to get enough blood to lay their eggs.
A Culex mosquito prefers to take one long, lazy drink. That makes it easier to slap and kill her before she can fly away.
The Culex’s egg-laying strategies differ as well. Culex females generally lay a raft of 100 eggs on a fairly sizable body of water — an ornamental pond, a neglected swimming pool, a bucket of water, a bird bath. Dump out the water and the eggs die. Aedes females use those sources of waters too. However, because their larvae can survive in just one-eighth of an inch of water, they can also lay their eggs along the edge of a plant saucer, in a bottle cap or even in the depression of a wrinkled old bag of chips that gets hit by a sprinkler.
Aedes lay a few eggs here, a few eggs there because they don’t know which one of these little sources is going to dry up. They don’t want to put “all their eggs in one basket”.
Aedes will also attach their eggs to the dry surface of a container, which means they can survive even if the water gets dumped out. The next time the container fills with water, the eggs will hatch — even if that’s five years later.
All this has made controlling Aedes extremely difficult. Field agents used to just trudge through people’s backyards and walk right to that swimming pool or right up to that hot tub and find what they were looking for. Now they have to check for signs of mosquito larvae in upturned bottle caps embedded in ivy, in starter plants adorning the porch and in the saucers beneath potted plants.
The good news is that local neighborhoods have the power to stop Aedes mosquitoes from breeding, at least in their immediate area.
The Aedes mosquitoes rarely fly more than 200 yards in their lifetime. That means if you and your neighbors remain vigilant about emptying even tiny sources of standing water on your properties, you can keep them under control.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, 
Aedes albopictus
S. American Tiger Mosquito, 
Aedes aegyptai

Note: There are about a dozen kinds of bothersome mosquitoes in the region where I live. The most bothersome for me are a tiny brown kind that stay low to the ground and your feet. Over the years, I have actually only seen a few of these  on me despite numerous bites. They are so furtive and so fast that you’ll never nail one. I tried using a flashlight shining on my bare feet last night while standing in the grass to spot them, but they wouldn’t make an appearance. Hmmm? Maybe this is an alternative way to repel them if you don’t mind keeping a bright flashlight pointed at your feet?

As for the other kinds, their modus operandi is fairly standard. Fortunately, they do not all live in the same habitat and are, therefore, scattered around.

P.S.- Use catnip spray as a repellent. It’s odorless and natural. I like 
Catit Liquid Catnip Spray, 3 Ounces; but there are multiple other sources.
[If you have a cat, you might become irresistible?]

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Great Human Weaknesses: Misqualification, Miscreation and Judgementalism

The I AM Teachings show that we are each an individualized manifestation of God — that thru the Crystal Cord to the Secret Chamber of your Heart flows the Light, Love and Life (power) of God as the Threefold Flame. However, as God’s Purity blossoms forth into our Physical Realm, the misconceptions and distortions of the Astral Plane misqualify this creative energy to varying degrees and the downfall of mankind continues. Once we realize this, then the value of self awareness and awareness of others becomes apparent. This, in turn, tempers one’s judgementalism — because, as we create our own realities, we create our own prisons or paradises. You can greatly free yourself of miscreation by properly exercising appropriate freedom of choice.

St. Germain Says About the ‘Secret Chamber of the Heart’

“...May I, on this occasion, speak of the heart to those of you who are perhaps familiar with the subject. And at the same time, inasmuch as many new souls are joining the ranks of those who read and love the Pearls of Wisdom, may I say to all that your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts of God.
Within it there is a central chamber surrounded by a forcefield of such light and protection that we call it a 'cosmic interval.' It is a chamber separated from Matter and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies simultaneously not only the third and fourth dimensions but also other dimensions unknown to man. This central chamber, called the altar of the heart, is thus the connecting point of the mighty silver cord of light that descends from your God Presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose, and cosmic integration.
I urge all men to treasure this point of contact that they have with Life by giving conscious recognition to it. You do not need to understand by sophisticated language or scientific postulation the how, why, and wherefore of this activity.
Be content to know that God is there and that within you there is a point of contact with the Divine, a spark of fire from the Creator's own heart called the threefold flame of Life. There it burns as the triune essence of Love, Wisdom, and Power.
Each acknowledgment paid daily to the flame within your heart will amplify the power and illumination of Love within your being. Each such attention will produce a new sense of dimension for you, if not outwardly apparent then subconsciously manifest within the folds of your inner thoughts.
Neglect not, then, your heart as the altar of God. Neglect it not as the sun of your manifest being. Draw from God the power of Love and amplify it within your heart. Then send it out into the world at large as the bulwark of that which shall overcome the darkness of the planet, saying:

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury Of the Mind of Christ.
I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.
A Valentine from Saint Germain
I AM the power of infinite Love, Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious,
World without end!”
Page 350

Secret Chamber of the Heart:

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Forrest Gump: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does"

We all have egos [defined as 'self': your consciousness of your own identity]. The healthier the ego, the more resilient the personality ---  which allows one to experience life's conflicts without feeling overly threatened and allows for learning to occur. Some people, however, when confronted with troubling information immediately rationalize the evidence away in order to eliminate 'cognitive & emotional dissonance'. Thus, intelligence and adaptability are blocked

"Ideologues" (whether secular or religious) feel especially threatened when their existing beliefs are put in jeopardy by factual evidence.  Their unhealthy ego structure is rigid and entrenched to the point that they'd rather be dead than admit that they could be 'dead wrong' about some things.  Their lack of "intelligence & adapatability" does not allow them to learn life’s lessons; therefore, karma backs up on them and eventually “caves the roof in”.

"Stupidity is often similar to evil, if you judge by the results."

“People believe lies not because they have to, but because they want to.”

“When sufficient proactive measures are not taken, reactive measures will eventually follow and are seldom sufficient nor desirable. Example: world overpopulation, global warming, etcetera.”

"All truth passes through three stages:
first, it is ridiculed;
next, it is violently attacked;
finally, it is held to be self-evident."

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Note: We are all prone to varying levels of stupidity at different times. If you find yourself bemoaning the stupidity of others, pause and self reflect — then Call Upon the Angels who work to cure stupidity, Anabiel and Samhiel.

Anabiel and Samhiel,
Please cure me of my stupidity.
Please make me whole again.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Karma: Absolute Law of Cause and Effect

The “law of cause and effect” is always at play. When you run counter to a universal law, there are always consequences. There are different categories of universal law, such as those in physical science and quantum mechanics. An example of such is the thermal blanketing by greenhouse gases as described by the interplay between physical science and quantum mechanics:

The ‘Absolute Law of Cause and Effect’ is popularly known as the Law of Karma. For a group, it’s called Group Karma.
Note: Universal Spiritual Laws are also called Cosmic Laws. 

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Ascended Master Teachings

The founding of the Theosophical Society and initiation of the I AM Activities preceded the giving of the Ascended Master teachings.

Theosophical Society:

I Am Activities:

Who are the Ascended Masters?

There are other organizations that provide access to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, but their information is not entirely up to date. This said, however, they’ve had many years to organize their material and can provide (perhaps even ‘overly extensive’) exposure to Ascended Master Teachings.

Supplementing and grounding the above organizations is the Ascension-Research site:

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Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest religions that remains active. It is a monotheistic faith (i.e. a single creator God), centered in a dualistic cosmology of good and evil and an eschatology predicting the ultimate destruction of evil. Ascribed to the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra), it exalts a deity of wisdom, Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord), as its Supreme Being. Major features of Zoroastrianism, such as messianism, judgment after death, heaven and hell, and free will may have influenced other religious systems, including Second Temple Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

The most important texts of the religion are those of the Avesta. The religious philosophy of Zoroaster focused on responsibility, and did not create a devil per se. Zoroaster proclaimed that there is only one God, the singularly creative and sustaining force of the Universe, and that human beings are given a right of choice. Because of cause and effect, they are responsible for the consequences of their choices. 

Post-Zoroastrian scripture introduced the concept of a contesting force to God called Angra Mainyu, or “angry” spirit. The concept of Ahriman, the Devil, was effectively a personification of Angra Mainyu.
Note: Their initial conception of God did not include their being a devil. There was good and bad (not good /not of God). 

Fall of Man: As the Light and Love of God flows forth into creation, man’s misconceptions taint this purity. Our free will miscreates through distorted thoughts and emotions creating the miasmic ‘psychic plane’ and ‘astral cloud’.


Ahura Mazda:




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Use Decrees to ‘Make It So’

Decrees can be considered spiritual letters (aka messages). Most decrees, like letters, are composed of three parts, each with its own purpose:
>A greeting called the “preamble,”
>The “body” of the decree and
>The “closing.”

The preamble is like the salutation of a letter. In it we address the ascended masters and angelic hosts and ask them for assistance. We give them the authority to take command of any person, place, condition or circumstance. The preamble to the decree is an appeal that compels the ascended masters and angelic hosts to answer you, as long as you give it with love and your request is in keeping with God's will and law. The masters could no more refuse to answer this summons than could the firemen in your hometown refuse to answer your call for help.
To command the energies of God in a decree is the prerogative of our Higher Self—the part of us that came from God. The lower self, being imperfect and incomplete, does not have this authority.
Therefore we generally begin our decrees by saying, “In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self….” By so doing we are acknowledging that we are the instruments of God on Earth and that we are asking only for that which is the will of God.
Preambles are optional. At times it is preferable to give only the body of a decree. This is especially the case with short mantras, I AM affirmations and commands (called fiats).

The body of a decree is a statement of your desires—things you are requesting take place for yourself or others. The body of a decree is usually composed of the words of the ascended masters dictated to their messengers, and that is one reason decrees are so effective. When you recite the actual words of ascended saints and adepts of East and West who are one with God, you have direct access to their light, energy and consciousness to accomplish good.

In the closing, you seal your decree in the heart of God for his disposition. You have proposed; now God will dispose. You also accept that God will answer your requests. If you don't consciously accept the answer to your decree, the light of God you have invoked may remain in the realm of Spirit instead of manifesting physically.

Note: The call of beloved Jesus at the hour of his greatest testing, “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done,” when spoken at the moment of the sealing of the matrix, ensures that the guiding forces of power, wisdom and love will amend the precipitated pattern where necessary in order that the more perfect designs of the Creator may come forth.

How To Decree – Using the Science of the Spoken Word

The Law of Invocation:

Examples of Short Decrees:
“I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, reveal yourself to me today! Guide me. Protect me. Heal me. Show me how to magnify the flame of Life in my heart. I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power.”

“Beloved I AM Love divine,
Blaze your light, around me shine.
Cosmic secret rays of fire,
Pulsing, flowing, you inspire.
Violet joy now smile through me,
Raise me up and set me free.
Singing, spinning, burning bright,
Grace me in your mercy light.”

Anytime you have a hard time forgiving someone or yourself try this mantra. 
“I AM forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting people forever free
With wings of cosmic victory.
I AM calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving grace.”

“Balance the threefold flame in me! (give 3 times)
Beloved I AM!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Take thy command!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Magnify it each hour!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Love, wisdom, and power!”

“I AM Light, glowing Light,
Radiating Light, intensified Light.
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into Light.”

“"Send forth the Radiant Blueprint of the Golden Age into the Hearts and minds of the lightbearers and sustain it forever!”

You can search for many other examples of decrees, mantras and prayers that are suitable for you. Build up a collection that resonate within you.

Forgiveness & Forgiving and Forgetting

Mercy and compassion are essential in invoking the Law of Forgiveness in both giving and receiving.

The Need for Forgiveness:
“When we invoke it, let us realize that our own Christ Self is our psychiatrist, our psychologist, our minister, our priest, our rabbi, our friend, the one to whom we should go daily to unburden ourselves, as the American Indians did. They made a circle around the camp fire at night and discussed the events of the day. And all that they didn’t like, they threw into the flames. It is the same principle that has been taught in every religion of the world. When we put it into the flame, we can go to bed at night in peace. Much insomnia is caused because we are not releasing our daily karma, our daily burdens; and therefore, we are not at peace with ourselves and with God.
We have a need for confession, a need to tell God what we have done that is not in keeping with his Law. Until we tell him about it and ask for his flame of forgiveness to pass through us, we have that sense of guilt, fear, shame, and above all a separation from him. Today this is manifest in all kinds of mental and emotional diseases, split personalities, hatred of father and mother, hatred of children, and many other problems to which modern society has fallen prey. The path back to the Inner Christ, is calling upon the law of forgiveness...”

The Need to Forgive:
If you expect forgiveness, then you must be ready to forgive seventy times seven, as the Master Jesus taught. “In small ways and in great ways, mankind are tested,” Kuan Yin says, “And the bigotry that remains in the consciousness of some is also a lack of forgiveness. Those who cannot forgive their fellowmen because they do not think or worship as they do—these have the hardness of heart that encases the flame of love and also prevents the flow of wisdom.”
The mercy of the law is like a two-way street. It is the signal that you send to God and the signal that he returns. A two-way street means the give-and-take with God. If you expect mercy from God, then you must give mercy to every part of life. The fulfillment of the law of mercy must be for the ultimate liberation of each and every soul. Thus, as we forgive life, life forgives us...

One way to accomplish complete “forgiving and forgetting” is by the use of the science of the spoken Word in a mantra for forgiveness:

I AM forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic victory.
I AM calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving grace.

For more, search:
Spiritual Law of Forgiveness

Spiritual Hierarchy: Call Upon Them

" . . . Many upon Earth become temporarily discouraged as they gaze upon the outer world (dis)order and the frightful forces that now have so much of society in their grips. Each chela, regardless of how long he has served Our Cause, must be aware that this discouragement, too, is intended by the dark ones. He must also realize that the mass consciousness of mankind is completely controlled by astral forces and that only through the united efforts of the minds and hearts of the chelas of Freedom, the disciples of Limitless Expression, can there be found Hope to change the world and to produce some semblance of order out of world chaos.

"Let men continue to have Faith; for if it is frustrating to mankind embodied to cope with these situations, consider for a moment what it is like at Our Level, where We are forbidden to interfere with the doings of men except when invoked by you or others among mankind. As a part of the Godhead, as a part of Hierarchy, as a part of the Brothers, we must conform to the Laws of God regarding Himself, and We must answer only when called upon. Because the relatively few know Us and call upon Us, there is therefore little that can be done at times when great need exists.

"The key to it all lies in the expansion in the world of form of the knowledge about the Brothers of Light, about the Spiritual Hierarchy, about the Ascended Masters, about the natural unfoldment of the individual through his own Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.

Unless this be done, the world will not suddenly turn to the Light. It has never been enough simply to produce great lights in the world. Some of these go down in the halls of fame and are remembered in the annals of every age. But deeds are more important than names, and the face of pure Truth is more important than to speak about It.
"We urge upon those of you today with whom We have contact to understand that all of the Glory that is held focused on all of Our Retreats in the world has little meaning for embodided mankiknd unless We can accomplish in your time one of two things: either (1) the broad expansion of the knowledge of Our Work, or (2) the laying of a foundation for that Work to be expanded in succeeding generations. . . . "
Spiritual Hierarchy:
Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings: