Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Creating Your Own Reality: Algorithms & the Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction and that “where you attention goes, energy follows” helps one to appreciate the degree to which we create our own reality. Apply this to how Google and Facebook affect where your attention goes and you see that your ‘click choices’ influence how your attention and your future can be diverted by algorithmic programs. You have created an ‘information bubble’ aka filter bubble. This can be good if you are ‘consciously and deliberately’ refining your searches about certain aspects of the world. However, if you desire to broaden your informational base, you need to use multiple search engines to reduce ‘search engine bias’. 
Search for-
“Popular search engines”.

Some resulting choices (click on provided links below) /
then perhaps compare search results for filter bubble or information bubble:








Regarding the ‘search engine links’ in this posting: you can click on them here and their web page will open up. You can try each one individually to see if you like them... and most of the ones you like can be found as a free app and installed for easier access.

[Note: If you’re using Facebook for news and information, then you’re mired in a bubble and you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s akin to being in a House of Mirrors.]

When using YouTube, you can either better define and refine the parameters of your bubble, or else you can pop the bubble. I choose to refine my YouTube choices by constantly curating my account. To learn how, use a search engine using search topic “how to clean up your youtube account”. One first choice offered by Google is:
When I used other search engines, I was offered other top choices with the above topic.

How to Pop the YouTube Algorithmic Bubble: