Monday, November 19, 2018

One Possible Consequence for Not Being Smart Enough to Understand the Greenhouse Effect

We could have another Great Extinction on Earth. Though God promised not to destroy us with another flood, He didn’t say that He would prevent us from destroying ourselves by fire — be it nuclear and or anthropogenic global warming. In any event, the Planet will be fine with us or without us; but, plant and animal life (includes us ‘naked apes’) will not. Even in the worst case scenario, life will start over and evolution rebuild new improved species. Eventually, higher sentient life will take over, and even if they try to repeat our mistakes, at least they won’t have the huge amount of fossil fuels to plunder and screw themselves over with. Perhaps, then, a more humane form of life can dominate when our reincarnated spirits remember (at some level) “what not to do”.

Understanding the Greenhouse Effect: