Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Avoid Algorithmic News Feeds

Here’s a website that will help you navigate amongst a wide variety of media sources and to fact check away from fake news and algorithmic bubbles created by Facebook, Google, YouTube, etcetera. There are ten categories. Just click on the “Bias Categories Menu” icon after going here:

You can actually gain online access to each of these news sources by going to “source” and clicking. For example, after going to “Bias Categories Menu”, I clicked on ‘Pro-Science’ — then went down the page to ‘Discover Magazine’ and clicked on it — then, on new page, went down the page until I saw ‘Source’ and their link. 

Examples of Several Bias Categories:
Filtered Search
Left Bias
Right Bias
Questionable Sources

Social Networking

Algorithimic Bias: