Friday, December 21, 2018

Classroom Demonstrations of CO2 as a Greenhouse Gas

Recently, a family friend tried arguing against global warming being real based on her discrediting Al Gore. My response was that a 10 minute lab demonstration in an 8th grade Earth Science classroom would show that the Greenhouse Effect is real (with the implication that this demonstrates that global warming is real since all greenhouse gases levels are increasing):

8th grade lab greenhouse gas demonstration (4minutes):

Greenhouse Effect in a Bottle (2 min.)

Carbon dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect (3 minutes)-Lab demonstration is at the 1 min 48 second point:

CO2 as Ink Analogy Demo (5 min.):

For more, google: Greenhouse Effect Lab Demonstration

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Mankind’s failure to comprehend the above may very well result in our celestial epitaph:
“The porch light was on, but no one was home.”