Sunday, October 21, 2018

Reclaiming Populism from Plutocrats (Like 'He Who Shall Remain Nameless')

"....It’s necessary to restate the history of populism and reassert its true spirit because both are being subverted today by corporate manipulators and a careless media establishment. To these debasers of the language, any politico (think Donald Trump or Sarah Palin) or pundit (such as Rush Limbaugh) who taps into any popular anger (toward Obama, liberals, Muslims, the IRS, poor people, unions, gays, immigrants, Hollywood, community organizers, environmentalists, etc.) gets a peel-off populist label slapped on–even when their “populist” pose operates as a front for one or another corporate interest. That’s not populism; it’s rank hucksterism—plutocracy in disguise...."