Saturday, September 17, 2016

Personal Dental Health Care

Some of us are not as blessed as others when it comes to dental health. As one of these people, I selected a very good dentist that I visit every six months. Additionally, I have developed a personal dental health care routine that has had surprisingly excellent results. The following is the description of my daily routine:

Upon arising, I rinse my mouth with water and then an oral rinse. After breakfast, I brush my teeth with normal toothpaste. Before lunch, I do oil pulling using sesame oil. After lunch, I brush teeth with baking soda and rinse with hydrogen peroxide (swish in mouth until oxygen release foaming ceases). Chew xylitol gum. After supper, I drink water and take apple cider pill to assuage desire for sweets as they occur. [In general, try to avoid refined flour and sugars.] Chew xylitol. At bedtime, use water pic (add bit hydrogen peroxide), floss and then use fluoride gel toothpaste (example: Gel Cam). Do not eat or drink anything to give fluoride a chance to set.

Though the above might seem bothersome, if you slowly implement the elements that make sense to you, then you'll be better off.