Sunday, April 21, 2019

Spirit, Soul and Incarnation

As I see it, the 'spirit' (gestaltic sphere of 'nuclear points') exists in the spiritual plane (highest vibration). Think of it as a 'celestial sphere’ that can be micro- or macro- sized almost simultaneously and of a heavenly hue and resonance. It is everything God Good that you've become over the 'eons'. It is your 'spiritual essence' and is distinctively and infinitely unique.

Your God Spirit projects Light and Love through a 'tube of light' into the physical plane (denser realm) where 'you' are 'manifested' aka 'incarnated' as a soul containing ‘characteristics’ that you have as strengths and weaknesses in working through your personal karma.

Prior to birth, your spirit guides help you to choose a life situation for you to incarnate into that will provide you with the opportunities and challenges that you need to best continue your evolution as a spiritual being. At the end of life, when your spirit disconnects itself from your physical body, you lose consciousness and the physical body begins to die (the reverse of the birthing process). The person’s essence is drawn back into the soul body and any truly purified elements are drawn into the spirit body.

Believing or not believing whether or not you have a soul is a matter of free will. Properly interpreting the details about life experiences along The Way by your Angels will help. Believing or not believing in Angels depends on meaningful life experiences. 

Conclusion: Live a full and meaningful life and be genuinely aware of life’s subtleties so that they may show you The Way.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Re: Psychic and Astral Plane

...”thought forms of the humanly created entities that make up the astral and psychic realms”...

"Within man is the Kingdom of the mind where the elementals, responding to thought, become the form which is designed within the consciousness. Within man is also, the great emotional world which is the Kingdom of the Angels, to which they respond, amplifying every Virtue, every tiny pulsation of Hope, Purity, Peace or Kindness generated within the feeling world.
"The mind is the magnetic center for the Elemental Kingdom. The feeling world is the magnetic center for the Angelic Kingdom. Within mankind one day both shall be blended consciously and man will be master through controlled energy in the feelings coupled with definitely directed thought - that is why it is said that man is a 'bridge' between the two great kingdoms. . . . "

" . . . The great Angelic Kingdom came to your Planet Earth primarily as Protectors - as Amplifiers - of the Virtues of God - they came after the darkness had begun to gather round your Planet - to bring within Their Shining Bodies the remembrance of those God-Qualities from the Heart of the Eternal - they stand yet within the auras of men and women who are enmeshed in their own human creations and through the Power of Radiation, help them to continue to place one foot before the other moving onward and upward until the Cosmic Day dawns when more help can be given. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   December 1953

My Comment: Mankind’s unguarded, careless, irrational, untrue thoughts from the mind miscreate psychic forms while base emotions enliven them (astral).

Note: The Buddhic Realm is between us and the Nirvanic Realm (all is pure in those 2 realms). We live in the Physical Realm. We live out our physical existence endeavoring to actualize the Virtuous Qualities of the celestial planes. To do so is challenging. Not to do so is laggardly and self destructive.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

We All Lose When Conservationists Stop Being Conversationalists

Allowing environmental conservation and protectionism to be diluted by a partisan pro-immigration or pro-life stance is counter productive. 

Any issue that becomes part of a partisan banner is relegated to the ash heap of lost causes because of the fracturing of meaningful dialogue.

Population increase in America reflects a bipartisan Chamber of Commerce growth-at-all-costs mentality and is fueled by immigration.

Population levels of the USA (and the world) are dependent upon an oil based economy and, therefore, not sustainable.

NumbersUSA used to target a balanced and wide range of environmental issues relating to population growth and resources, including our propensity to build on farmland (until they shifted so far to the right that Ive lost interest in them).
Note: I’ve, also, lost interest in those environmental conservation groups that have climbed onto the pro immigration bandwagon. 

Etcetera, etcetera.

Here’s a website that will help you navigate amongst media sources and to fact check away from fake news. There are ten categories. Just click on the Bias Categories Menu icon. Here are several:
Filtered Search
Left Bias
Right Bias
Questionable Sources

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Future World Government: Induced by Reactionary Forces

As conservative evangelicals proclaim their desire for an apocalypse to precede a Second Coming of Christ, they manifest un-Christlike behaviors. Inducing some of this is their fear of a secular world government, which they themselves are helping to precipitate.
An example is fomenting resistance to the expansion of renewable energy sources and reduction in consumption of fossil fuels, which is the best way away from global warming and increasing environmental pollution. The result will be that because of weak proactive measures in the past and present, global crises in the future (apocalyptic in nature) will induce strong reactive measures on a global level that will be reminiscent of a global government, and it won’t be very Christlike. 
Note: The way to have a Second Coming of Christ is to practice what He preached. This would lift the world up out of the swamp that we’re bogged down in to the point that our Enlightenment would draw forth the Light of God. Mankind, however, is generally making things unnecessarily darker than they need be. Hate is not the answer.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ascended Master Kuthumi: Heart of the Silence

"Every lifestream on the Path, sooner or later, comes to a certain point where he begins to turn to the 'still small voice' within the heart. At first, the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration, and, later still, upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes his Divine Freedom from all human concepts and all human form.
"This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and I ask that when you come to the place where you enter into the Heart of the Silence - where you commune with your own God Self - that you be extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive first of all from your own bodies because you are a complex mechanism, a sevenfold being. Now, whereas the Glory of your Electronic Body, your Causal Body and your Holy Christ Self can never lead you astray - your lower bodies have voices, this consciousness and this intelligence of their own, and these voices, this consciousness and this intelligence within them, endeavors often to serve its own selfish ends, through you.
"One of the chief requirements for Spiritual Mastery is Discrimination. Call to Me, if you wish, to My beloved Lord Maitreya, or to the great Lord Buddha for that Discrimination wherein you may recognize the Voice of the Silence. Know, always, that the prompting which builds up the personality, that which gives aggrandizement to the human ego, is not the 'still small Voice' of the Presence, but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling word, or mental concepts and precepts from your past lives.
"Remember, you have sat in the past before many teachers, who have given forth both Truth and fallacy, and into your mental and emotional bodies and your etheric consciousness are builded those concepts, some of them solidified and petrified and lying dormant within them for centuries. As the Flame (Violet Fire) begins to surge through you, these concepts are revivified and come forth, and you must recognize them for what they are - not necessarily the Voice of Truth!

Violet Fire


Music for meditative contemplation-
Chant of Metta:
Indonesian text:
English version:

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Free Will: Discovering God’s Cosmic Law

A person who believes in the strict, literal interpretation of religious scripture typically downplays the role of human free will in God’s Plan. This is understandable and, perhaps, sometimes even a necessary part of their spiritual evolution.
“The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth”

It is, however, Free Will and the Love of God that Will allow us to ultimately choose the Path of Wisdom and Illumination. The Forgiveness brought forth from God thru the Christ that allows for all to be at•one with God.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Australien Satire: TheJuiceMedia

“ increasingly popular way of sharing the ‘honest truth' about political events is through satirical videos, something that The Juice Media does brilliantly. They bring attention to the ridiculousness of political and worldwide events, not only by making people laugh but by being blunt about what is going on and how people are being taken advantage of...”

The Juice Media:

It has created a series of videos entitled “Honest Government Ads”. 
Here’s a few. For more, just click on the channel icon “thejuicemedia” when the YouTube video downloads:

Visit Timor-Leste (3 minutes):

My Police State (2 minutes):

Honest Government Ad | Climate Breakdown (2 minutes):

P.S.- Another satirical channel is “China Uncensored”. Here’s one to get you started-
“Why Companies Are Leaving China”: