Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Turning A Blind Eye To Global Warming

There is a multitude of concretely obvious examples of global warming world wide. They can be studiously ignored, but the tempo of their manifesting is steadily increasing in volume and in size. When I posted a series of such examples, my readership dropped dramatically. It became obvious that being reminded of this terrifying spectacle is unpopular. Indeed, when Americans are polled about what issues they find most worrisome, they tend to ignore global warming. It’s not that they don’t think that it’s real  — they simply believe that it will affect other parts of the world but not where they live. 

Note: What triggered me to write this is a recent conversation that I had with a fellow who is retiring to Miami. Though sea level rise won’t affect him in what remains of his life and I wish him well, it startled me to find out that he ‘knew not’ about what Miami’s eventual fate is.
It reminded me of a conversation I had with another person whose family’s house went under water in New Orleans during Katrina. They had not previously realized that their location was below sea level and that New Orleans had been sinking for a long time. 

Sad. Very sad.

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