Monday, August 12, 2019

The Travesty of Environmental Groups Supporting Increased Immigration, Etcetera

I used to donate to several environmental groups. Not anymore. The ones I’d supported have now all strongly allied themselves with the immigration cause and moved away from environmental resource protection. The worst betrayer is the Sierra Club. If the other organizations send me Take Action emails; and, if I agree, I respond. But, no more money from me until they take a more bipartisan posture. 

If you’re wondering whether or not an organization that you contribute to supports a cause that you do not, simply search: ‘organization’s name + cause topic’. And, if you are searching for organizations that support what is important to you, search “organizations that against/support ‘cause’”. Then vet them for other causes that you might be in favor of or not in favor of.

A dollar a day for something you believe in is a good thing; but, you have to be involved enough and knowledgeable enough to be sure that you’re putting it in the right arena.

Here are some organizations that I’m liking the looks of:
Nature Conservancy
Citizens Climate Lobby
Inside Climate News
Climate State
350 Action 

Represent Us (though not an environmental group, they are anti-corruption) and corruption is a major factor regarding climate change and environmental protection inaction:
[I’ve become a monthly donor.]

Here are some YouTube channels worth supporting with at least viewership:

Just Have A Think (climate change):

About China (satire on current events):

News Satire (mostly Australian, but with parallels to America):

What Were Safe CO2 Levels?

Mankind could reasonably claim ‘innocence by ignorance’ for the crime of “anthropogenic global warming” until 1984. That’s when the documentary “The Greenhouse Effect and Planet Earth” (31 minutes) was televised. If you watch just the first minute, you’ll see why.
Indeed, oil companies themselves, at that time, also warned the public, as did every successive US President (until the current one). We can rightfully blame any number of shady characters for disinformation campaigns and such; but, in the end, almost all of us are to blame to varying degrees. Thus, with this back story,
optimal levels atmospheric carbon dioxide