Thursday, July 18, 2019

Global Warming: Alarmists’ and Deniers’ Commonality Is the “Fear Factor”

I prefer using the term ‘global warming’. If I use the term climate change, I prefer ‘artificially induced climate change’ because this directly implies that we (not God, not Fate) are responsible for the problem, and therefore, the solution(s).

Global warming is a scary subject and different personality types “react” to this fear differently.

Alarmists are generally either the religious extremists who want to hasten the Second Coming OR the secular extremists who know only the science and have not faith that God would show us the way thru this problem if we would just listen to our ‘heart of hearts’. Will we listen? That yet remains to be seen. 

Denialists generally use their denial as a defense mechanism to deal with the fear. Some use convoluted reasoning to deny the greenhouse effect, etcetera and try to convince themselves under the guise of convincing others. And then, there are the naysayers (who simply enjoy being oppositional) and the contrarians (much more virulent, hateful and emotional and don’t much bother with  the mental). 

Note: One way the Denialists will be correct in thinking that we will not endure a global warming based apocalypse is IF there is a fear based, perfect storm of events that the Four Horsemen usher in that will totally disrupt our fossil fuel based economies- OR-  if a golden age of international proactive cooperation ushers in the true Second Coming of Christ the Peacemaker. 
[Of course, these two aren’t mutually exclusive. Indeed, human nature being what it is, we’ll likely have to endure the negative consequences of the miscreation of our wrong thinking (Group Karma) before we even consider allowing the Golden Rule to prevail.]

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