Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Global Warming: Physical Defense Mechanisms And Their Psychological Counterparts

Even the most staunch of global warming deniers actually know in their heart-of-hearts that the greenhouse effect is real; but, the ‘fear factor’ triggers an instinctive defensive reaction in their psyche. Global warming — You can’t run from it; you can’t hide from it, but one can deny it.

Consider, in nature, if a typical creature is in danger, the first best option is to take flight. If that fails, then hiding is the next option. The last option when cornered is to fight (or play possum).

However, in the case of global warming, the options are fight (against further carbon emissions), flight (to cooler climes), or hide ‘aka’ deny the danger. As a ‘Homo sapiens’, I prefer to fight for my species’ survival and that of all life on Earth.

Meanwhile, we should not burden ourselves trying to change the deniers’ minds. The increasing effects of global warming will do that, except for those who are so emotionally invested in their ideological belief systems that such change is not likely. 

Intelligence and adaptability in the face of increasing climate change is the way towards survival.

p.s.- For those who wrap themselves in pseudoscience to reassure themselves that global warming isn’t a danger, consider: