Friday, December 7, 2018

The Trouble With Prophecies... that they become more and more self-fulfilling the more they are believed in. When ‘John of Patmos’ had a vision that inspired him to write Revelations, he was detailing a possible future event. Even Jesus indicated that neither He nor the Angels could absolutely know the Future of mankind because of the inviolate Free Will given by God to man.

Comment: To the extent that one believes that Revelations is a God ordained immutable event, then such is the degree to which Global Warming is God’s Will and not our own folly — and, therefore, we need make no effort to be good stewards of God’s Creation.

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What It Is That Global Warming Skeptics Don’t Understand

As the sun emits the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy, the Earth absorbs both longer waved infrared light and shorter waved visible light.

This absorbed energy causes thermal heating and is gradually re-emitted in the form of infrared energy. Much of this is reabsorbed by the larger molecules in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and water vapor, but not the smaller molecules such as nitrogen and oxygen.

During daytime, the positive feedback loop between the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface causes temperatures to rise. More heat is retained than escapes back into space.
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