Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Africa’s Oldest Baobab Trees Are Dying Suddenly

Africa’s baobab trees, the largest and longest-living flowering plants in the world, are dying at a startling rate...nine of the 13 oldest African baobabs (Adansonia digitata)—all more than 1,000 years old—and five of the six largest individuals have partially or completely died in the last 12 years. While the cause of the die-off is not yet certain, climate change has already been pegged as the likely cause.”

“When around 70% of your 1,500- to 2,000-year-old trees died within 12 years, it certainly is not normal. None of the trees showed obvious signs of infection and the pattern of deaths did not fit what would be expected had the die-off been caused by a contagious disease. We suspect this is associated with increased temperature and drought...”

Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Was Too Short
“Back in 1999 Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann released the climate change movement's most potent symbol: The "hockey stick”, a line graph of global temperature over the last 1,500 years that shows an unmistakable, massive uptick in the twentieth century when humans began to dump large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It's among the most compelling bits of proof out there that human beings are behind global warming, and as such has become a target on Mann's back for climate denialists looking to draw a bead on scientists.

Now it's gotten a makeover: A study published reconstructs global temperatures further back than ever before -- a full 11,300 years. The new analysis finds that the only problem with Mann's hockey stick was that its handle was about 9,000 years too short...”

11,000 years worth of climate change data:
Michael Mann’s Climate War:

More of the ‘rest of the story’:

Short Comments Relating to AGW:

Even if one looks only at the past 1,000 years, when all of the different ‘hockey stick graphs’ are overlaid, it becomes apparent that ‘at no point’ did global overall temperatures ever rise higher than what we’re experiencing now —
“The Truth Behind Mann’s Hockey Stick” (4 minutes) — the above statement is found at the two minute mark:

COMICS: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

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