Friday, November 9, 2018

The Glorious Temptations of Fossil Fuels

On Earth, in this life and in the future, it is understandable that we would want to continue using fossil fuels to fuel growth. We’ve developed marvelous technologies and wonderful industrial capacities based upon their use. However, it is inevitable that technology and science will evolve to higher and more sophisticated levels. Just as we no longer rely on wax and whale oil to light our nights, we will outgrow the need for coal and oil to power our civilizations.

The only question is whether or not we shall do so before the warming of our planet increases to the point that our biosphere is no longer able to sustain life on Earth as we know it. This judgement is based on the physical Earth Science of the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle and the Milankovitch cycles. Once these things are explained and understood, one can move on to more meaningfully comprehending the observable effects of climate change. 

In the end, whether we save or destroy God’s Creation depends on whether or not we resequester a sufficient amount of the carbon that we have released as CO2. Or shall we say,”Put the genie back in the bottle.”

One of many ways is to utilize the ancient methodology of using biochar to boost soil quality and raise crop yields. Another is to advance the technology for removing CO2 from the air to produce carbon neutral fuel.

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