Friday, October 12, 2018

Self-transformation: Don’t Feed The Bad Wolf?

5 tips for dealing with negative thoughts:
1. Awareness. the first step is to be aware of when you’re experiencing negative thoughts. So spend the next few weeks noticing when you’re thinking negative
2. Don’t react. Resist the temptation to ‘react’ or act upon negative thoughts that pop up. Instead have a neutral reaction. You could try saying to yourself ‘That’s interesting – there’s a negative thought’.  Whatever you do – don’t act on the thought.
3. Control the first negative thought. Negative thoughts are often contagious…once you have one thought your mind will subconsciously search for other negative thoughts or evidence to support the thought and something that started out quite minor will end up being completely blown out of proportion. Don’t allow your mind to escalate what starts off as a minor negative thought.
4. Look for positive evidence. Usually negative thoughts don’t reflect reality. So instead of trying to ‘support’ or ‘feed’ the negative thought, do the opposite and challenge it. Look for evidence that the thought isn’t true.
5. Realise that you are not your thoughts. The thoughts inside your head are not who you are. They are just thousands of thoughts that are roaming freely around your mind. Don’t beat yourself up for thinking negative – simply choose not to listen to thoughts that are not of any use to you. Ask yourself – “is this thought in anyway useful to me?” If it’s not, then choose to ignore it.

Alternate view:
The above states that one wolf is good and the other wolf is bad in a traditional occidental view. An alternate take on the story is to view one wolf as white and the other as black & with a different ending:
“The Real Story if the Two Wolves” (4 minutes)-

Pair this with the Yin and Yang principle, and one sees that the Taoist belief in harmony and balance is the first most cosmic law.

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