Sunday, September 2, 2018

Slow Pyrolysis: Production of Green Electricity Power and Biochar

“Slow pyrolysis technology is truly carbon negative (reduces atmospheric CO2) by using waste biomass such as animal manures and greenwaste to produce renewable energy and biochar, a product that contains high quantities of very stable carbon. The renewable energy produced can displace fossil fuels, while biochar can sequester carbon beneficially for thousands of years in soil while enriching it (which is a natural, low risk sink). The Pacific Pyrolysis technology platform is based on ‘slow pyrolysis’ which is the thermo‐chemical decomposition of organic material (biomass) at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.”

Diagram of Commercial Production Plant:


This technology also produces “biochar” which is a highly sought after product for use in organic gardening and soil conditioning that lasts for many centuries.

Note: It should be noted that the degree of climate change effects that Australians are experiencing have moved them to search for carbon neutral and carbon negative sources for electricity production (Green Energy).
“77% of Australians Believe Climate Change Occurring”: