Thursday, August 9, 2018

More Quotes from “Elementary” (Sherlock Holmes in NYC]

“... the puzzle in everything.
They're everywhere.
Once you start looking, it's impossible to stop.
It just so happens that people, and all the deceits and delusions that inform everything they do, tend to be the most fascinating puzzles of all.”
Season 1 Episode 4

“... conspiracy theories?
They're pure sophistry.
Large groups of people cannot keep secrets.”
“Conspiracy theorists are lazy thinkers...”
Season 1 Episode 13

“She was highly intelligent, optimistic about the human condition...
I usually consider it a sign of stupidity, but ... it seemed almost convincing.”
Season 1 Episode 22

“Watson, most puzzles I see from the outside and it gives me a certain clarity.
I am right in the center of this one.
It has blurred my vision to say the least.”
Season 1 Episode 22

“I'm an expert on poisons, Watson.
I know virtually everything there is to know about them.
But I've come to learn over the last few years that there is nothing on this planet quite so toxic as guilt.”
Note: Guilt can be used as a manipulative tool.
Season 2 Episode 2

“You know we're going in circles here, right? We're in a roundabout.
We just need to find the proper exit.”
Note: When you’re engaged in a deadlocked mental puzzle and one additional piece can unlock it...
Season 2 Episode 2

“...(as you) live your life, if you’re not a fool, it changes you.”
Morland Holmes
Season 4 Episode 6

“People who love each other don't make threats. They make promises.”
Joan Watson
Season 5 Episode 23

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