Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Beyond Mere Conspiracy Theories

Schizophrenics easily fall prey to conspiracy theories and delusional mental rhetorical constructs. This mental disorder combination is more common in lone-actor ‘domestic terrorists’ than group-actor ‘international terrorists’. With this in mind, understand that the paranoid schizophrenics are potentially dangerous individuals. [Note: The simple schizophrenic is much more prone to nuisance behaviors than towards violence.]

My Comment:
This is a part of the Conspiracy Mentality that is mushrooming in the world. Internet network nonsense combines with schizophrenia to create more elaborate delusional thinking. The result can sometimes be illicit or criminal activities. And in, the case of paranoid schizophrenics, all too often dangerous, ‘subversive terrorism’ can occur. What complicates matters is when manipulative personality order persons deliberately prey on and feed misinformation to the ‘afflicted’.

Note: Helpful in understanding the sovereign citizen’s imaginary world is to read how police are trained to deal with their irrational rhetoric:

If you try to invalidate their belief system, they will only become agitated. After all, you are disrupting their equanimity. So, keep it calm. They choose to believe what they do because they want to (and, in a sense, need to). 
My advice: 
Slowly and calmly back off and away, far away. You do not want to become a part of their delusional world. I’ve had to let go of several relationships with people who fell into the world of conspiracy theories. However, if it’s a member of your family unit, I don’t know what to say, except don’t argue with them. Try to perhaps simply tell them that certain subjects are too upsetting for you and redirect the conversations. If it’s serious enough, get professional guidance assistance for yourself (and hopefully ultimately them).