Monday, February 12, 2018

About Danger of Tuning In To Astral and Psychic Plane

“...God’s creation is made of energy. There are many levels of God’s creation, and they are separated only by their vibration. The human mind has the ability to tune in to the different levels of God’s creation. By turning the dial of consciousness, a person can receive ideas or messages from other realms. 

There are several realms that are beyond the material universe but their vibration is too low to make them part of the spiritual world. One such realm is what we call the psychic realm or the astral plane. There are a large number of beings that reside in this realm. On earth, you see that human beings are in many different states of consciousness. The same holds true in the astral realm.
* At the lower levels of the astral realm, you find beings that clearly have an evil intent. Such beings will deliberately seek to manipulate human beings for various purposes, including stealing their spiritual energy.
* At the middle levels of the astral realm, you find beings who do not have an evil intent but are simply acting out of ignorance. At the higher levels of the astral realm, you find beings who have attained a certain level of spiritual understanding. Such beings might appear wise or advanced to people in the material world.
* These beings might not have any evil intent, and they might be able to give people directions or teachings that contain a certain amount of truth. However, you need to ask yourself why these beings are residing in the astral realm and why they have not ascended to the spiritual realm. The reason is that for various psychological reasons, these beings have become stuck at that level of God’s creation. Therefore, if you continue to commune with such beings, you run the risk of getting stuck at that same level....”