Friday, December 21, 2018

CO2: Giver & Taker of Life on Earth

Plants and animals around the world are gradually being forced towards the poles and to higher altitudes as their former environs become warmer. Those already living in these places are facing extinction if there’s nowhere for them to move to.

Up until recently, the rate of plant and animal extinctions correlated with the human population growth rate. Now, however, the extinction rate is being accelerated beyond this due to climate change induced by carbon emissions from fossil fuels. It should be noted that the last time the totality of Earth’s plants and animals faced such a rapid rate of extinction was when a similar level extinction rate was caused by increasingly higher and higher levels of CO2.

Thus far, each of the previous major extinction level events of macroscopic life in Earth’s history were preceded by ‘marine anoxia’ which was caused by global warming which, in turn, was induced by excessive amounts of carbon dioxide introduced into the atmosphere by prolonged massive ‘basaltic flows’.

Currently, it is the artificial release of carbon dioxide thru the burning of fossil fuels that is the cause of global warming.

Even the extinction of the dinosaurs had almost certainly already finished playing out before the Chicxulub asteroid event occurred. The basaltic flow of the Deccan Traps had seen to that. [Read about the “3 meter gap” for further elucidation.]