Monday, October 22, 2018

Global Warming: About the Polar Vortex

Global warming is ushering in more variable weather patterns as the biosphere becomes more energetic. That’s the gist of what global warming climate change is all about.

Understanding how some regions will experience colder weather at times in the form of polar vortices is part of understanding the overall ramifications of what climate change is all about. Another part is Arctic storms registering temperatures that are over twenty degrees Fahrenheit above average. [A family friend lives in inland Alaska and testifies to this. And, I quote, “When the storm raging outside is 20 degrees below zero instead of forty below, you can’t feel the difference; but, it’s there. In the summer though, you can see the differences creeping in. And we have for a long time now.”

NBC Climate Series (26 minutes):

Climate of the Arctic