Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Assisted Living: Pet Inclusion

Where assisted living facilities allow pets, understand that it is an added monthly cost and it is best when the resident is able to take care of the pet.. Cats are easier than dogs. Dogs need walking and there are breed and behavior issues and size limitations. If you rely on the staff to walk the dog, expect there to be some degree of unreliability. Not because they don't care, but rather it's that there are conflicting priorities. If the dog could be trained to use a special pee mat, you would save on carpet cleaning hassles. If not, then try putting up a white erase board for staff to sign and mark when they walked the dog. At least it provides some accountability.

In our case, it was very important for my mother to keep her small dog as a companion. She had a very hard time as it was. Without the dog she would have folded. It was worth the trouble to arrange for the dog's integration into the assisted living facility arrangement.

The dog had a roomy pet carrier as a cage and a small carpet remnant and felt blankets for putting underneath her. I visited daily and made sure of upkeep, and also bathed and groomed the dog. Without my daily visits I do not know if it would have been feasible. This is something that you discuss beforehand with the assisted living intake personnel.

In Iran, we reap what we sowed

“The next time you find yourself reading about the intransigence and mistrust of Iran toward the United States, and how negatively it has affected the recent negotiations over Iran’s nuclear power plans, and you wonder what gives, consider this:
In 1951, the popular, democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, realized it was long past time for his country to throw off the shackles of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later BP), which had been exploiting Iran’s huge oil reserves since 1913 and allotting the Iranians a mere 10 percent of the bounty.
Not about to sit still for this, BP appealed to the British MI6 to intercede.. In 1953, MI6 enlisted the aid of the American CIA, which helpfully organized and carried out Operation Ajax, the coup which enabled the re-installation of the Shah and the overthrow of Mossadegh. This loss of the leading champion of secular democracy in Iran’s modern history paved the way for the Iran we face today.”

Note: Iran- CIA Operation Ajax 1953