Monday, June 5, 2017

Global Warming Induced Climate Change Facts Not Decreasing

Earth's mean temperatures will not be decreasing. Global ice melt will not be decreasing. Even if temperatures remained stable, the ice melt would continue unabated. And, since greenhouse gases will not be decreasing, the effects of global warming will not be decreasing. These are unalterable facts. Just how extreme it will get is anybody's guess. 

Therefore, if you believe in the worst case scenario, if you have descendants, you need to help them to prepare. Read and study multiple sources that predict where future precipitation and water sources will be the most reliable. Move there and buy arable farmland of sufficient size and tenable location to support a small farming homestead (before too many other people beat you to it). Learn to raise your own food to the greatest extent possible. Etcetera. Do not carry debts. Save ten percent of everything you earn for paying future taxes 'if' times get hard. Save another ten percent for 'when' times get hard. Don't spend it easily. It'll be your lifeline.

If you do not anticipate having grandchildren, donate monthly to environmental and wildlife organizations to help your fellow mankind. These organizations are trying to staunch the conditions that will cause the future suffering that is now unavoidable. The only question is a matter of degree.