Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Transform, Transmute Your Lower Self Elements

Your "person"ality is the lower range of your total vibrational spectrum and is your 'lower self'. It is not evil (though  it can become entangled in astral difficulties). That is one reason to purify and cleanse your etheric, memory, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Your soul is of the next higher realm and your spirit the highest (roughly speaking). All are connected by the "crystal cord". And though godly goodness flows from higher to lower vibrational levels, no ungodliness can transverse to the higher.

So, in order to achieve more "at•one•ment" with your higher self, you need to increase the vibrational levels of the lower self. Misconceptions, negativities, irrationalities, hostilities, ingratitudes, fearfulness, weaknesses, etcetera need to be purified, cleansed, transmuted, transformed. The lower self becomes more en•light•ened. You become more Spirit•ual. This is a process that goes on and on and on.

You cannot do this by yourself, though it is you and only you that must make the decision to do so. You need to ask for your angels' assistance. They await your call. 

Helpful tips:
Write down specific incidents in your life that need forgiveness. Think of them one at a time while reciting decrees of the Violet Flame. 
"I Am a being of Violet Fire;
I Am the purity God desires."

Ascended Master Teachings

Ho Ľoponopono: Forgiveness and Reconciliation Ľoponopono
YouTube Video (8 minutes):