Monday, August 15, 2016

Global Warming: Schism of Tribalism

Global Warming: Schism of Tribalism 
"Recall the 20th century, with its race to the moon, advances in medicine and information technology, and this incredibly strong belief in the promise of science.... people in the 1960s had faith in science, had hope in science. Most people thought science was responsible for improving their daily lives...."
"Now, we see partisan polarization or ideological polarization and the implications of science are intuitively recognized as threatening to one side and their world view."
The split with science is most visible and strident when it comes to climate change because the nature of the global problem requires communal joint action, and for conservatives that's especially difficult to accept.
Climate change is more about tribalism, or who we identify with politically and socially. Liberals believe in global warming, conservatives don't."
Note: Almost everyone, including fundamentalist conservatives, recognize the current reality of climate change. The only remaining point being contested is if global warming is being amplified by CO2, despite the fact that CO2 levels have drastically increased and are still increasing.

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