Friday, August 5, 2016

Texas History Alive

School curriculums are so regimented these days in order to bolster standardized state test scores that teachers have a hard time blending enrichment materials into their lessons. So, it behooves all of us to encourage students to enrich themselves by exploring varied sources. One such source is the following in the case of Texas history enrichment:

Rio Grande Civil War Trail

Ben Dollivar and Lafitte's Gold

Gettysburg's Last Casualty

Texas Coop Archives

Liver Flush: Benefits

I'd been battling a skin condition called ringoids for several years to no avail. I'd also had patches of itchy flaky skin on my face. Then I did a liver flush for one week that involved nothing more than a bland diet, apple juice (or apple cider pills aka malic acid) and use of Epsom salts followed by grapefruit juice and olive oil. The immediate results were observable in the toilet bowl (you'll need to use a colander to catch gall stones, but the fatty liver accretions will float) / but, the result that was even greater is how much more vital I feel. And most notable, the skin conditions are gone.
[Extended family members  (both young and old) who did this, also experienced immediate physical improvements. Those who'd had the greasiest diets had the greatest volume of expelled substances.
Indeed, it was this fact that inspired me to try it.]

I'll share this information with my dermatologist. I doubt that he'll take me very seriously.  But, I at least need to share it with others here in this posting.

Note: The liver flush is not for those with renal failure or who are in delicate physical condition. I chose to forego any enemas / instead I used a dosage of Epsom salts to assure a good intestinal cleansing during and after the cleanse.

Note: I chose to use a mild method that doesn't use enemas (but instead relies on Epsom salt as a colon cleanse). I suggest you google search: 
"liver cleanse epsom salts".

Although I used a different procedure (that took a week) than what's described in the following link, it provides a good narrative at the end to explain what you will see as you excrete the gall stones:

Note: During the last couple of days of my liver flush in June, I expelled a cup's worth of granular looking, tan colored cholesterol crystals that flushed out from the liver bile ducts. There many thousands of them. Called "chaff", they float. 
I just finished my second flush. This time there was 3 times the amount as the first time. Strangely, they were mostly clumped into pellets the size of my thumb / and they had the texture of wet clay. One was so large that I had a such hard time excreting it that I did an extra dose of Epsom salts (after drinking a pint of water). Then, after this, came yellowish white spherical nodules / BB sized floaters along with some more chaff.
In neither cleanse did I find any gall stones bigger than that. And I'd used a colander to collect the excrement to make sure nothing escaped my attention. [Remember: When you're dosing daily with Epsom salts, the excrement still watery.]
Cleansing "chaff" is just as important as purging the stones.