Thursday, June 4, 2015

Putin: Creating A Fascist State?!

After Hitler won over the hearts and minds of his people with sustained propaganda and military showcasing, he became judge and jury with the power of life and death over everyone. Germans had been so desperate for a rebirth of national glory that they were willing to sacrifice everything. Hitler promised better times, and when this was less than promised, he declared that it was all the fault of the insidious Jews.

Today, Putin is playing the strongman trying to "protect" Russia from outside forces. Anyone who disagrees will be increasingly belittled and harassed by the equivalent of Hitler's "brown shirts" as time goes by. Meanwhile, he longs for the days of the Soviet Empire. Among other things, this requires the land and resources of the Ukraine, which Hitler also coveted. Russians may not want war; but, Putin is not scared of it.

Nazis: Evolution of Evil -- In Power