Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Papal Encyclical Vexes America's Religious Right and Big Business Catholics

A papal letter sent to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church is a welcome relief in contrast to dogmatic and short sightedness of the fundamentalistic religious right. It is good that it's also vexing for many big business Catholics. .....

"It turns out that environmental issues are particularly vexing for the Catholic Church, especially in the United States. They carry implications for Big Business, often with ties to wealthy Catholics, as well as for the world’s growing population, which brings up questions of birth control. For the religious right, the Vatican’s endorsement of the U.N. alarm about global warming amounts to an endorsement of the U.N. agenda to give women access to contraception and abortion."......


Comment: What's amusing is the fact that this same encyclical indirectly confronts every group both big and small that has invaded neighboring territories all the way down through history up through Western imperialism, America's gunboat diplomacy in 19th century Japan, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Russia's seizure of Crimea, etcetra, etc.